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Thank you for your interest in our company.

Martin Consulting is the best-known translation agency, based in Bucharest, Romania, providing a wide range of translation, interpreting, localization and language services, using the specific terminology adapted to your needs and the translated field.

We have a dedicated team of professional and accurate native translators and linguists for your needs.

All our translators are graduate professionals with heavy years of experience.

You will note that ALL our translators and interpreters have degrees in translations as well as in different fields of expertise and are also licensed by the Romanian Ministry of Justice. Therefore, your translations can also be certified, according to your wish.

Founded in 1992 by Ruxandra Tichescu, a professional Romanian Translator & Interpreter, and Radu Tichescu, Martin Consulting immediately earned international reputation for quality work and exceptional customer service. Our clients range from Fortune 100 companies to smaller companies involved in a wide range of businesses.

Through the strength of our people, we strive to become the best-performing translation company in the world.


We assign each project according to specialization.

Our translators cover the following fields:

Our interpreters provide prompt simultaneous interpretation services for:


We have an in-house quality check department which runs the final check on the translated work. Our quality check lays great emphasis on language accuracy, formats, layouts and other client instructions.
Each of our projects undergoes scrutiny by three pairs of trained eyes - a translator, a specialist and a proofreader.


We also lay great stress on the deadline, which is critical for any translation job.
Your translations shall always be delivered according to your deadline. We can translate an average of 4000 words in a 24-hour span, but your top priority jobs can even get same day turnaround. Moreover, we will also work with you on keeping all “rush” charges within your budget.
We send and receive files by e-mail, CD, DVD, fax or hard copy.
Our computer network system is virus protected , using cutting edge technology.


We take utmost care in maintaining the confidentiality and non-disclosure of the jobs that we perform for our clients. We consider the confidentiality of those translated as a professional duty to our whole company and ourselves.


We want to identify, hire and develop talented people who have the chance to develop their careers as far as their talent can take them. We do not offer just jobs, but career chances within a leading translation company.
Our continuing corporate growth means that we have a vast range of new vacancies to fill in. We are looking for part time French, Spanish, English, Greek, Turkish translators to join our team in Romania. You can join us even if you are a freelance translator living abroad!
For details or queries, do not hesitate to email us!
We are looking for competent individuals/agencies with experience in localization business to handle the translation & DTP projects we have.

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For any translation-related questions and information, please feel free to contact us.
We are here for you round-the-clock!
Mrs. Ruxandra Tichescu will be pleased to answer your calls at:

tel.(+4) 0744 356635 
(+4) 0722 347225(+4) 0722 FISCAL
(+4) 021 3483248 
fax:(+4) 021 3483248 


We are looking forward to serving you in our offices in:

Bld. Camil Ressu 53, bl. H14, sc. 7, apt. 123, parter
Sector 3, Bucureşti -031744, Romania
tel. (+4) 021 3483248

Bld. Nicolae Bălcescu 23A, sc.B, et.1, apt.20
Sector 1, Bucureşti -010044, Romania
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